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    Breaking the cycle

    Reproductive health and poverty decline in Rwanda Like many African countries, Rwanda is caught up in a vicious cycle. Poverty is causing the country’s population to grow, and that in turn is incre

    Pieter Hooimeijer, Ignace Habimana Kabano

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    Biofuels from family farms

    Towards a more realistic and fair production of biomass for energy Biofuel production in developing countries has increased dramatically in recent years, but the benefits tend to remain concentrated

    Madeleine Florin

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    Battling the brain drain

    Capacity building in Malawi’s medical research sector Malawi is one of the world’s most densely populated, yet least developed nations. HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria all pose a serious threa

    Victor Mwapasa

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    Who owns the seed?

    How intellectual property rights hamper food security To ensure global food security, farmers need better seed. Biotechnical research can help to attain that, yet, in some cases the protection of thi

    Bram de Jonge

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    Why the Blue Nile carries brown waters

    A closer look at soil particles Soil particles that erode from Ethiopian slopes end up in the Blue Nile, which carries them into Sudan. The loss of the soil comes at a great cost to Ethiopian farmer

    Hermen Smit, Yasir Salih

    09-12-2011 | comments: 0 READ MORE VIDEO